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Learn more about the Jewish Holidays as well as discover devotionals and resources to enrich your faith this year.

Counting of the Omer

April 04, 2023

10 Things to Know about Purim

March 06, 2023
Purim is a festive time recounting a fascinating chain of events in Israel’s history. Learn the story of Purim while taking away spiritual insights to encourage your life today in “10 Things to Know about Purim.”

A little something to help you celebrate Purim

March 03, 2023

How Does Chanukah Inspire Your Faith?

November 07, 2022

A Miracle of Giving Thanks

November 07, 2022

Deepen Your Roots – Hebrew Word Study: “Miracle”

November 04, 2022

You Asked: What is the Dreidel Game?

November 01, 2022

A Month of Remembrance and Celebration

May 02, 2022

Passover and Good Friday Converge

April 06, 2022

Deepen Your Roots: You Don't Have to be Jewish to Love Chanukah

November 12, 2021

Hard to believe it was more than 50 years ago when New York based Levy's
Bread came up with one of the greatest marketing campaigns in advertising history.
Realizing that their product catered mostly to Jewish people, the company placed ads showing non-Jewish people enjoying the "Jewish" bread. The slogan, "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's" was born. 
Problem solved. The days of Gentiles thinking that something Jewish didn't apply to them, were finally over, right?

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