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Jonathan Bernis Health Update

Please continue to pray with us

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Jewish Voice Statement on the Crisis in Israel

From Jonathan and Ezra

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We are saddened by the passing of Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson

The Body of Messiah lost a spiritual giant

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What Am I?

My name means House of Mercy.

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Bible Reading is More Exciting than Ever with the New Jewish Voice Study Bible

Have you ever been reading your Bible when questions about the text pop into your mind?  What does an ephah of grain amount to? What was life like in Bible times for a widow without means? What about for a shepherd in the desert or a midwife in Egypt? What does a shekel equal in dollars? What went on in the centuries between the Old and New Testaments? Where is Jericho in relation to Jerusalem?

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Read, Reflect, Repeat

Why We Need a Steady Intake of God’s Word

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Gil Kaplan – At Home with the Lord

Profound. Mature. Thorough and challenging. Those words describe the faithful and diligent teaching of Gil Kaplan. Perhaps even more moving are the words used to recount the nature of this man of truth: Humble. Genuine. Encouraging.

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You Asked: Is there a place for Gentile Believers in Messianic Judaism? Should we be observing Jewish Feast days?

Is there a place for Gentile Believers in Messianic Judaism? Should we be observing Jewish Feast days?

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Putting Feet to Your Heart: Practical Ways Believers Can Support the Jewish People

So, you love the Jewish people and Israel. Your heart is in tune with God’s about His unending love for them, and you want to be a positive influence in the world concerning the subject. You want to help inspire other Believers who are perhaps disinterested but may wonder how to show it or inspire others toward aligning their hearts with Gods’ regarding His Chosen People.

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Passover Day 8 – Saved to Glorify God

The word glorify has several related meanings. One indicates that when we glorify God, we worship or praise Him. Another meaning is to reveal God as glorious. Yet another definition of glorifying is to light up or shine.

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