DNA Testing for Jewish Ancestry

Could you be Jewish? Bennett Greenspan, president of Family Tree DNA, says more people are finding out they are Jewish thanks to DNA testing. As the head of a genetics analysis lab, Bennett talks about the test that can pinpoint hidden ancestry clues contained in your DNA. JVMI viewers will learn whether mega-church leader Apostle Guillermo Maldonado has Jewish lineage as his DNA test results are revealed to him on the show.

13 things you may not know about Ethiopia

June 08, 2017

In my experience, very few people in the West know what an amazing and historic country Ethiopia is — or why we should care about the Ethiopian people. For example: The oldest evidence of modern humans was found in Ethiopia. It’s believed these early people migrated from Ethiopia to the Middle East and beyond. Ethiopia’s ancient script, known as Ge’ez, is perhaps the oldest alphabet still in use in the world. Tradition has it that the biblical Queen of Sheba was from Ethiopia....

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