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Murder in France motivated by anti-Semitism

September 09, 2022

Prayer Points: Will you pray for this new Outreach location?

September 07, 2022

Outreach Recap - August 2022, Mberengewa, Zimbabwe

August 29, 2022

Anti-Semitism in Munich causes arrest of German security guard

August 26, 2022

Prayer Points: Praying for Prayer!

August 24, 2022

Ukraine: Potential Nuclear Accident Is Cause for Grave Concern

August 12, 2022

Prayer Points: See how your prayers made a difference in Mberengwa

August 10, 2022

Ukraine, Russia sign export deal

July 28, 2022

Prayer Points: Would you pray for Messianic Jewish congregational leaders?

July 27, 2022

Potential Russian endgame in Ukraine

July 14, 2022
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