Don’t let the government decide how to divide your estate

July 30, 2018

Receive a Complimentary Will or Trust and Leave a Legacy Did you know that, if you die without a Last Will and Testament, the government will decide how your estate is divided? We‘re sure you’d much prefer to make that important decision yourself. That’s why Jewish Voice Ministries has joined with Financial Planning Ministry to offer our Partners the opportunity to create a Last Will and Testament without charge or obligation. This is our gift to you and your family because we appreciat...

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Prayers and Blessings of Messianic Judaism

July 27, 2018

Prayers and blessings are fundamental to Jewish worship, and therefore to worship in Messianic Judaism as well. The Siddur (SID-dur), the Jewish prayer book, contains prayers and blessings used as liturgy in daily and special services at synagogue. Such liturgy is often misunderstood among Believers who may view standardized prayers as empty ritual. However, with any element of worship – whether prayer, song or Scripture reading – the liturgy is a tool to evoke worship. Worship occurs in the ...

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A ‘pivotal moment for the State of Israel’

July 27, 2018

After years of heated debate and rewrites, Israel’s Jewish State Law narrowly passed in the Knesset last week. It makes official what the world already knows: Israel is the home of the Jewish people. The legislation takes its place as one of Israel’s Basic Laws, similar to the U.S.’s constitutional amendments. The laws deal with Israel’s core values, how the government functions, and liberties of citizens. A simple majority vote in the Knesset can pass a Basic Law, but changing one requires a...

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Pray for growing Messianic Congregations

July 26, 2018

When the tents come down and our Medical Outreach Partners return home, Jewish Voice Ministries continues investing in the communities we serve. Because Outreaches result in many new Believers, it is vital that godly leaders are trained and equipped to disciple and lead new, young congregations. This ongoing training occurs through our Congregation and Leadership Development (CLD) department at our headquarters in the U.S. and includes weekly ‒ sometimes daily ‒ contact with local leaders in...

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Help 'Do Unto the Least of These' in Ethiopia

July 25, 2018

“And answering, the King will say to them, ‘Amen, I tell you, whatever you did to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’ -Matthew 25: 40 (TLV) Our weeklong Medical Outreaches provide medical aid and spiritual care to thousands of people in rural African Jewish communities. Due to limited health care access in these communities, our Medical Clinics often provide the o...

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Infant Saved in Chitsungo, Zimbabwe

July 24, 2018

It was Thursday – the last full day of the Jewish Voice Chitsungo, Zimbabwe, Medical Outreach. The first several days at the Clinic had been relatively light. It was our first Outreach in Chitsungo, so the people were skeptical. Is this Clinic really free? What’s the catch? I’ll wait and hear about others’ experiences. By mid-week, word had spread that the Jewish Voice Medical Clinic was legitimate: no-cost medical care with no strings attached. On Thursday, thousands stood in tightly pack...

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Yeshua HaMashiach – Anointed to Save

July 23, 2018

Who is Yeshua HaMashiach? Yeshua HaMashiach (Yeh-SHOO-ah Ha-Mah-SHEE-akh) is Hebrew for “Jesus the Messiah.” Yeshua is a shortened version of the name Yehoshua (Yeh-HO-shoo-ah), which means “Adonai saves.” Mashiach is the Hebrew word for Messiah and means “anointed one.” Old Covenant Scriptures speak of the coming Messiah who would be God’s anointed One to deliver Israel and all mankind. Most Jewish people living at the time of Jesus believed the Messiah would physically save them from the...

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Another reason I love Israel

July 20, 2018

Israel’s MaxTech Networks’ marketing tagline is “Connecting you when no one else can.” But the Israeli company took that to a whole new level last week when it supplied the vital technology necessary to save 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave with dwindling oxygen and little food. “On every rescue mission, you need to coordinate the rescue team and to know at all times where they are, and what their status is,” explained Uzi Hanuni, MaxTech’s CEO. “These caves ar...

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Over These Things We Weep

July 17, 2018

Over these things, I weep. My eyes overflow with water. ―Lamentations 1:16a National days of mourning are not unusual. Countries often mark the passing of a prominent leader with an official day of sorrow, and many establish holidays to commemorate significant tragedies in their nation’s history. But none compares to Israel’s day of grief. The ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av –Tisha B’Av (TISH-ah B’AV) in Hebrew – is the anniversary of multiple catastrophes that struck the Jewish peo...

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Israel Moves to Counter 'Terror Salaries'

July 13, 2018

Israel’s parliament passed a law that will reduce tax funds paid to the Palestinian Authority (PA), and the PA is hitting back by calling the law a “declaration of war against the Palestinian people, their fighters, prisoners and martyrs.” The “Anti-Pay-to-Slay Bill” passed last week by the wide margin of 87 to 15 in the Knesset. ‘Two Legs’ in the War against Terror According to Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, there are “two legs” to his country’s war on terror: se...

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