New threats from ISIS

March 03, 2017

Two rockets fired from the Sinai Peninsula struck an open field in the Eshkol region of southern Israel last week. No one was injured and no damage was reported. The ISIS affiliate called Sinai Province claimed responsibility. The attack may be retaliation for increased Israeli assistance to the Egyptian army, which is battling ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula. The missile launch came a day after Islamic State-linked media claimed an unmanned Israeli drone had bombed and killed five ISIS members i...

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JVMI 50th Anniversary – Jonathan Bernis

March 01, 2017

What was he doing at a Bible study? He felt completely out of place. Jonathan Bernis was 20 years old, Jewish, using drugs, and he believed one thing about Jesus – that He did not like Jews. All Jonathan wanted to do was leave the home where the Bible study was taking place, but he couldn’t. He was wearing borrowed clothes, and his own were tumbling in the host’s dryer. He was stuck. Jonathan Bernis was born December 1, 1959 to Jewish parents in Rochester, New York. Theirs was a traditional J...

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Iran’s Failing Report Card

February 28, 2017

In the 38 years since Islamic leaders began to rule Iran in 1979, the country has plummeted into an undeniable mess, according to a recent article by The Clarion Project. “The country’s Islamist regime has taken the people into poverty and illiteracy while the leadership has gotten richer and richer,” says the article. The organization compiled statistics about the country whose population is 65 million and outlined figures revealing the miserable report card Iran’s Islamic rulers h...

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Biblical Holidays Messianic Jews Celebrate

February 24, 2017

Messianic Jews are Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus), the promised Messiah of Israel. As such, they continue to practice many of the traditions of their Jewish heritage while recognizing the transforming power of faith in Yeshua and acknowledging the teachings of the New Covenant. Shabbat Congregations of Messianic Jews can also include Gentile worshipers who appreciate connecting to the Jewish roots upon which New Testament faith is founded. When we understand the Jewish context of the ...

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The Results of This Meeting Are Promising

February 24, 2017

President Donald Trump broke with two decades of foreign policy last week when he said the United States would no longer insist on the creation of a Palestinian state as the basis of a Middle East peace agreement. While hosting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the president promised to work to bring the two sides together, possibly in a regional peace effort involving multiple Arab nations. He said he was flexible on the structure of a peace deal and would not be bound...

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Missile Testing - A Breach in Resolutions

February 10, 2017

Iran has tested a homemade cruise missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The test came hours after its test-firing of a medium-range ballistic missile, also capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction. The ballistic missile test prompted the Trump administration to put Iran “on notice,” even as it signaled a tougher stance toward Iran, one that could raise tensions in the already unstable Middle East region. The Jerusalem Post reported the cruise missile was built in Iran and t...

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50: An Important Number This Year

February 07, 2017

Fifty is a very important number in Scripture. The Lord agreed to spare Sodom if 50 righteous were found. Of course, Abraham bargained that down to ten, and we all know the result. Ten righteous could not be found The tabernacle in the wilderness had 50 loops on each side of the curtain with 50 gold clasps to fasten them. The east and the west sides of the courtyard were 50 cubits wide There are 50 days between Passover and Shavuot or Pentecost. This is known as the counting of th...

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This Move May Lead to Strong Reactions

February 03, 2017

The top negotiator for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has renewed promises of a strong reaction if President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continue to pursue a U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem. Saeb Erekat says the PLO will revoke its recognition of Israel and back out of previous agreements with Israel (especially those concerning the West Bank settlements). Those new threats accompany fiery comments by two senior PLO negotiators in December th...

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JVMI 50th Anniversary – The Early Years

February 01, 2017

When Louis Kaplan first heard from the Lord in December 1966 that he was to begin a radio ministry to Jewish people, he also received a confirmation of God’s leading—a revelation that an important prophetic event would soon take place. As he sought support for a radio ministry, he approached several Christian businessmen in Phoenix and shared with them about the prophetic confirmation. He received what he called “the polite brush-off.” Through God’s grace and the faithful support of one unknown ...

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February's TV Lineup

January 31, 2017

Join Us for a Month of Valuable Insights! Dr. John Garr | God and Israel January 30 — February 5, 2017 The deluge of “fake news” and propaganda is exploding, disseminated by people who don’t take the Word of God or Bible prophecy seriously. John Garr, Ph.D., joins Jonathan Bernis to separate the fiction from the truth, undergirded by the Word of God. Dr. Garr’s latest book, God and Israel, explores hidden Biblical mysteries pertaining to Israel, and what you need to know about God’s relatio...

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